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All About Karaoke Opera® – Now Including Oratorio

How it all started: cover of the original best-selling Karaoke Opera® CD

Welcome to the home of Karaoke Opera®, a concept first popularized with great success on CD in 1992 by producer Christopher Todd Landor.

Musical Concepts has applied the Karaoke Opera® concept to the DVD format, whose technological flexibility makes it even easier for you to be the opera singer you always wanted to be — accompanied by full orchestra and chorus.

Musical Concepts has also made 150 arias and duets available in both VOCAL and ACCOMPANIMENT ONLY versions for download . You can create your own interpretations — and even record them!

Through you not only have an opportunity to explore the core of the operatic repertoire, but also 23 Gilbert and Sullivan numbers and numerous oratorio selections.

COMING SOON: the 20 most popular classic Broadway numbers are also available.

On this site you will soon be able to browse through the arias, read synopses and complete libretti in original language and English translation.

There are links to download these arias as mp3 files, there are a series of DVD volumes available and the original recordings are available as custom compilations.